International Online Workshop

26th – 30th April 2021

The aim of the international workshop “The Quantum & The Gravity 2021″ is to provide a stimulating occasion of discussion on our current understanding of Nature at the fundamental level and on the interplay between quantum and gravitational physics. To properly address these delicate topics, foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum field theory and quantum information as well as quantum aspects of black holes and phenomenology of quantum gravity will be covered throughout the period of the workshop.

Different schools of thought will be brought together so as to let everyone  benefit from fruitful debates and possibly develop novel insights and a critical viewpoint. To this aim, in addition to individual talks, discussion sessions will be held to help the workshop become more prolific and to give rise to constructive interactions stemming from different fields of research.

Organizing Committee

  • Giulio Francesco Aldi (I.I.S. “Leonardo da Vinci” – Sapri)
  • Luca Buoninfante (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Giuseppe Gaetano Luciano (University of Salerno – INFN)
  • Luciano Petruzziello (University of Salerno – INFN)
  • Luca Smaldone (Charles University in Prague)

Advisory Board

  • Massimo Blasone (University of Salerno – INFN)
  • Fabrizio Illuminati (University of Salerno – INFN)
  • Alfredo Iorio (Charles University in Prague)
  • Petr Jizba (Czech Technical University)
  • Gaetano Lambiase (University of Salerno – INFN)
  • Nick E. Mavromatos (King’s College of London)
  • Fabio Scardigli (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Giuseppe Vitiello (University of Salerno – INFN)

Partner Institutions